About us

Dear kids, mum and dad,

As grown up children already, and as current and future parents we face the same problem that our parents had in the past. Our parents couldn’t afford the expensive Lego sets that we begged them to buy for us. When they did manage to buy us a Lego set we would happily build and play until we saw another set we wanted even more … and so the problem began again!

25 years later we are facing the same situation but this time we have a solution. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on the latest Lego models, we’ve created an opportunity to use the power of the sharing economy.

Our efforts give you the chance to save up to 85% of your budget for Lego toys as we offer a range of Lego sets for all ages. At the same time, your children can have the toys they love, while working on developing skills like creativity, logical thinking and boosting their imagination away from screens bemused in the magic of Lego.

Enjoy it!